Would you like to advertise in the print magazine?

Helga Himer Photography

Helga Himer Photography

Please contact our advertisement representative at You can ask for a sample copy of the print magazine.

When you advertise in the Birth Issues magazine

Your ad reaches 10,000 or more Canadian families every 4 months.

You have 76 black & white and 8 colour professionally designed pages.

You have glossy colour ad spots on the covers available.

Your business can be showcased if you become a featured photographer.

Magazine Ad Rates

Rates may change without notice. GST is not applicable.

Colour glossy ads: 

– Outside back cover, full page, glossy: 8″ wide x 10.625″ tall plus 1/4″ bleeds = $600

– Inside cover, full page, glossy: 8″ wide x 10.625″ tall plus 1/4″ bleeds = $485

Inside cover, 1/2 page, glossy, (horizontal): 7″ wide x 4.5″ tall = $275

Inside cover, 1/2 page, glossy, (vertical): 3.4″ wide x 9.125″ tall = $275

-Inside cover, 1/4 page, glossy (vertical): 3.4″ wide x 4.5″ tall: $160

Colour non-glossy ads:

        – Full page: 7″ wide x 9.625″ tall (no bleed) = $440 

        – 1/2 page (horizontal): 7″ wide x 4.5″ tall = $260

        – 1/2 page (vertical): 3.4″ wide x 9.125″ tall = $260

       – 1/4 page (vertical): 3.4″ wide x 4.5″ tall = $145

Black and white ads:

Full page: 7″ wide x 9.625″ tall (no bleed) = $420

– 1/2 page (horizontal): 7″ wide x 4.5″ tall = $240

– 1/2 page (vertical): 3.4″ wide x 9.125″ tall = $240

– 1/4 page (vertical): 3.4″ wide x 4.5″ tall = $125

– 1/6 page (vertical): 2.2″ wide x 4.5″ tall = $85

– 1/8 page (horizontal): 3.4″ wide x 2.2″ tall = $66

Ad Deadlines

Deadlines for magazine ad submissions are:

April 1 for Spring publication 

August 1 for Summer publication

December 1 for Fall/Winter publication

Deadlines for magazine ad payments are:

May 1 for Spring publication

September 1 for Summer publication

January 1 for Fall/Winter publication

Please make sure your ads are paid on time. Birth Issues is run entirely by volunteers. When you don’t pay your ads on time, it ads a lot of admin time on volunteers which takes away from educating the public about childbirth and parenting options. You can set-up an auto-renewal with our VP Finance.

Featured Photographers

Being a Featured Photographer means that your photos and bio will be featured in one issue of the Birth Issues magazine and for 4 months on the Birth Issues website. In exchange we ask you to commit to be a paid advertiser in one issue. The size of the ad is up to you!

To be a Featured Photographer in Birth Issues, email your intent to Once accepted please provide the following —

Bio, with your professional name and website, stating your interest in childbirth and birth photography

Ad according to specs above

5 photos for the interior (1 colour + 4 black & white)

1 colour photo for the cover

Photos must be at least 5 MB jpegs

If possible, match your photos with the stated theme of the issue. You can be creative, e.g. For a Breech issue you could have a photo of a baby showing his or her bottom!

DEADLINE: April 1 for Spring publication, August 1 for Summer publication, December 1 for Fall/Winter publication

Advertising policy

All ads, photography and artwork intended for publication in Birth Issues must meet the following criteria:

It must not contradict the stated goals of ASAC.

It must accurately reflect current research; claims must be supported by medical or scientific research.

It must comply with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

It is the responsibility of the advertising representative to ensure that this policy is communicated to advertisers. In the event of a questionable ad, the ASAC board shall determine if submitted ads comply with requirements.

In the event that an ad not in compliance is found during the proofing process, the Editor in Chief will remove the ad in question. Time-permitting, the advertiser will be given the opportunity to correct the ad. If it is not possible to correct the ad, the advertiser may choose between having payment refunded or a corrected ad published in the next issue.

If the ad is not paid by the ad payment deadline, the Editor in Chief reserves the right to not publish the ad. If the ad is published, the ad representative will contact the advertiser reminding him or her of the outstanding balance.